British Cats
Felpati Gatti *CZ


Cattery British Shorthair

Felpati Gatti *CZ cattery deals with the most elegant and spectacular colors of British cats-silver chinchillas, silver-shaded chinchillas, chinchilla point, silver point.
Our cattery is registered in the register of the Czech cat breeders ' Association (ČSCH – SCHK), which is a member of FIFe.
We are located 14 km from the wonderful city of Prague.
Our cats are full members of our family and have free movement around the house.
In our cattery, one of the initial tasks is the task of social adaptation of cat babies to life in the family, so the number of producers in the cattery is intentionally limited. This gives us the opportunity to take an individual approach from the moment of birth to the upbringing of each kitten, depending on the characteristics of its character.
We raise kittens only with pedigree, they leave us no earlier than 3 months, and in some cases later.
Kittens in 1 month also undergo deworming and receive a full range of age-appropriate vaccinations.
Before sale, kittens are examined by a veterinarian and receive
a veterinary health passport, which is handed to the owner when
buying a kitten.
They are fed the highest quality feed, such as Royal Canin pellets and Applaws canned food. They have a sufficient supply of beef and chicken, yoghurts and various delicacies, because even this is important for their healthy development and happy life.